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Handicap 3.5, What Is It? Tips for Winning Money

What is a 3.5 handicap bet? The 3.5 handicap is considered a rather unique type of handicap bet in Asian handicap betting odds. To understand how to accurately interpret and bet on the 3.5 handicap, don't miss out on the winning secrets that Wintips shares in the following betting tips 100

What is a 3.5 handicap in football betting?

What is a 3.5 handicap? The 3.5 handicap, also known as the 3.5 ball handicap or 3 1/2 ball handicap, is a type of bet often seen between two football teams with a significant difference in skill level, position in the league table, and form. When applying this handicap, the stronger team (the favorite) will give a 3.5-goal head start to the weaker team (the underdog).

This type of handicap bet is quite challenging, seldom offered by bookmakers, and not widely used by football bettors today. This is because it's not easy to have a match with a goal difference of nearly 4 goals.

How to read the 3.5 handicap bet simply and in detail

How to read a 3.5 handicap bet? The 3.5 handicap bet can completely appear on the bookmakers' board for matches with significant differences in actual strength. Below is a specific way to read this type of betting odds.

If the result sees the favorite winning by a margin of 5 goals or more, in this case, you bet on the favorite, you win the full amount, while betting on the underdog, you lose all your money.

If the favorite wins by only a 4-goal margin, then betting on the favorite will yield half the winnings, and betting on the underdog will result in losing half the stake.

If the favorite wins by a 3-goal margin, then betting on the favorite results in losing half the stake, while betting on the underdog means getting back half the initial stake.

If the match ends in a draw or if the favorite loses by any score, then betting on the favorite results in losing all the money.

Illustrative example of a 3.5 handicap bet

To help beginners understand this high odds handicap bet better, the method of reading the odds has been shared above. Here's how to calculate winnings and losses through an illustrative example.

In a World Cup match between Brazil and South Korea, a bettor places a 3.5 handicap bet on the favorite Brazil against the underdog South Korea. The respective odds given by the bookmaker are 0.94 and 0.89. If the bettor initially places a bet of 100k, the following scenarios occur:

If Brazil wins against South Korea by a margin of 5 goals or more, the bettor who bet on Brazil wins 100K + (0.94 x 100k) = 194k. On the other hand, betting on South Korea at this point results in losing the entire stake.

If Brazil wins against South Korea by only 4 goals, then the bettor who bet on Brazil wins half the amount, which is 100K + (0.94 x 100K)/2 = 147K. Betting on South Korea in this case results in losing 50K due to losing half the stake.

If Brazil wins against South Korea by a 3-goal margin or less, or if the match ends in a draw, then all the money is lost for those who bet on Brazil. Meanwhile, the bettors who bet on South Korea win back their initial stake plus additional earnings, which would be 100K + (0.89 x 100K) = 189K.

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Revealing the Most Accurate Experience in Placing a 3.5 Handicap Bet from Experts

To have a chance of winning a 3.5 handicap bet with incredibly enticing rewards, don't miss out on these invaluable tips below shared by seasoned players. These are insights shared by experts in the field of 3.5 handicap betting.

What is the trick to placing a 3.5 handicap bet? – Thoroughly analyze match information.

For any type of bet, before engaging in wagering, you need to analyze and thoroughly research some crucial information. These details should be sourced from reputable sports platforms, with high authenticity. This will lead to insightful predictions or handicaps with high winning probabilities.

Consider aspects such as the nature of the tournament, whether it's a home, away, or neutral ground game. Weather conditions like rain, light wind, snow, or any other factor also play a significant role. What are the rankings of the two teams? Pay attention to the starting lineup and recent playing style and tactics.

Consult the payout rates and odds provided by bookmakers.

Before a match begins, bookmakers release various odds for players to consider. You need to monitor the odds board to see how the odds fluctuate before analyzing and making decisions. If you're still unsure about what a 3.5 handicap bet entails, you can afford to wait until about 20 to 30 seconds into the match, or even up to the 15th minute – it's not too late.

Maintain a strong mindset when placing a 3.5 handicap bet.

When betting against a 3.5 handicap, it's crucial to have a resilient mindset to avoid falling into traps set by bookmakers. Players should carefully consider and stay alert to information to make the right decisions and claim the highest rewards.


The above are all the details regarding what a 3.5 handicap bet entails, as well as effective betting strategies from experts. Hopefully, this betting tips website has provided you with insights into this particular type of handicap bet. With this knowledge, confidently aim for the incredibly enticing and valuable rewards offered by reputable bookmakers!


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