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FREE Bike Security Tagging: Sun 17th Nov 2013

Our friends at Guernsey police want to reduce bike crime so have managed to source some bicycle security marking kits (usually£16) from BikeRegister so that we can ensure that our bikes are as safe as possible. You just turn up with your bike and they will mark and and register it for you. It costs nothing and could save you a lot of money! This scheme has been used with great success in London and means your bike will be registered on a national database- so even if it goes to the UK the thieves will be much more likely to feel the long arm of the law. Waitrose car park, Admiral Park, 10am til 3pm. Details on Facebook. The initiative is a joint one between CrimeStoppers, The Crime Prevention Panel, and has been made possible by a kind donation by the Insurance Corporation of the Channel Islands.

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