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The 1st of the Evening Rides 2014 - Little Chapel

The weekly Summer Evening Bike Rides start Tuesday, the 20th May. Rosie Dorey will be leading this first one and will be starting off from the car park at the entrance to the Little Chapel at 7.00pm.

The rides are usually about 80 to 90mins long, and are mostly on the quieter lanes with a leader at the front and a 'sweeper' at the back to scoop up any stragglers. It is not a fast ride because we can have riders of varying ability and stamina but there is a little bit of up and down because it's hard to avoid that in the middle of the island! Really- its just a nice opportunity for a gentle scenic ride without having to think about where you are… because that will be our job!

Please pass the message onto any would-be riders who you think might enjoy the ride and look forward to seeing some of you there.