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The Mountain Bike Tour Of Guernsey is Coming

The 2014 Guernsey Velo Club Mountain Bike Tour of Guernsey takes place from Sunday 13 July to Sunday 20 July. This year's race is sponsored by Adventure Cycles and Independent Skips.

This is an open race, entry is not restricted to Guernsey Velo Club members, although the event is organised and run by the Guernsey Velo Club.

The seven stages consists of an Enduro, a cross country race, a duphill (combination of hill climb & downhill time trial), a time trial, a dual slalom downhill and a 4 cross. The stages take place in a number of locations around the island.

Stage 1 - Sunday 13 July - Enduro - Talbot Valley

Stage 2 - Monday 14 July - Time Trial - Mirus Battery, St Peters

Stage 3 - Tuesday 15 July - Duphill - Petit Bot

Stage 4 - Wednesday 16 July - Dual Slalom, Bordeaux

Stage 5 - Friday 18 July - 4 Cross - Motocross Track - Pleinmont

Stage 6 - Saturday 19 July - Trials - Chouet

Stage 7 - Sunday 20 July - Cross Country - Chouet

There is a rest day on the Thursday 17 July.

All weekday races take place in the evening, starting at 6.30pm. Weekend races take place on Sunday morning at 10am with the exception of the time trial which takes place on the Saturday evening at 6.30pm. All courses open 20 minutes prior to the start for evening races and an hour before the start for the Sunday races.

It must be emphasised that the Tour of Guernsey is a race, however the courses are designed to be challenging enough to suit regular racers but will also be suitable for less experienced riders. This years course has been designed to appeal to all disciplines of Mountain Bike riders with a variety of challenges.

There is no advantage for out and out racers and riders who have good technical skills will find that they have an advantage over fast XC riders on some of the stages.

All courses will be suitable for under 16/14/12's minimum age is 10.

Many of the courses where racing takes place are not normally available for day to day riding.

Each rider chooses which category they wish to enter depending on their fitness/ability.

The classes are as follows.

Elite - the Islands best racers, this category is ultra competitive and very fast - recommended for experienced racers only.

Advanced - Competitive and fast - suitable for experienced mountain bikers who may not race regularly but ride often and have a good level of fitness

Veterans - Over 40's who do not want to ride in advanced but are not novices.

Novice - Suitable for any rider, although some off road mountain biking experience would be a benefit

Under 16/14/12 - Age related categories


There is also a sub category for Single speed bikes - (no gears)

Points are awarded to each rider dependent on what position they finish each stage in. The points are accumulated over the 7 stages and determine the riders overall position in the race.

The leader of each category is awarded a coloured jersey at the end of each stage, this jersey is worn during the next days stage.

Prizes will be awarded for the overall top 3 riders of each category after the last stage.

A prize giving presentation and BBQ is held on the afternoon of the last day. This year the BBQ will take place at The Last Post Pub, St Andrews

Entry forms are available at Adventure Cycles. St Martins.