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Night Time 90 for Nepal

Three Guernsey cycle clubs, The Guernsey Velo Club, The Guernsey Bicycle Group & The Guernsey Rouleurs CC have joined forces to create a charity ride to raise funds for Nepal. In the Night Time 90 for Nepal, riders can choose between 90 miles, 90 kmor 90 minutes of riding

Night time 90.png

Life in Guernsey is pretty good at the moment but life in Nepal is pretty rubbish right now. Lets raise lots of dosh by riding our bikes like we do best and help them get back on their feet. Please join, like and share this event on our facebook page so that we can help make a difference for them.

Rough times on the distances: 90miles about 5-6hrs 90km about 3-4hrs 90mins or about 30miles

To register please follow this link