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For Just One Day... Don’t Drive to Work! 14th Sept 2016

GBG are pleased to support Cycle to Work Day on Wednesday 14th September, but we believe Cycle to Work Day should go one step further – it should be “For Just One Day - Don’t Drive to Work Day”.

It would be amazing if for just one day out the working year, people that typically drive to work on their own tried;

  • Cycle to Work Day

  • Walk to Work Day

  • Take the Bus to Work Day

  • Car-Pool to Work Day

  • For Just One Day - Don’t Drive to Work Day

“For Just One Day” allow the parents driving their children to school to have emptier roads, allow the mobility challenged to have emptier roads to move about and more parking, allow trade and commercial drivers to move about on emptier roads.

“For Just One Day” - walk, bus, or cycle – and stay in town for a drink or meal at your favourite café, bar, restaurant and support town traders, then enjoy the freedom of cycling, walking or taking the bus home.

Summer buses run late on most routes allowing plenty of time to visit your favourite watering hole after work.

There are around 250 working days in 2016 – For Just One Day – Wednesday 14th September - don’t take the car if you don’t have too.