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GBG Brighten Up for Safer Cycling

Now that the clocks have gone back, it’s even more important that cyclists do all they can to be as visible as possible. GBG has always recommended that cyclists not only run lights, but wear bright clothing ideally with reflective detail.

Sam Field of the Guernsey Bicycle group said, “I suspect we all know how to be as visible as possible, but it’s easy to get caught out by the change of the seasons – so this year GBG have decided to invest in 50 sets of front and rear lights to give out to those who might not be prepared for the early sunset and dark mornings.”

GBG will be handing out the front and rear lights, free of charge, in the evenings at the start of the east coast cycle path and at other locations over the coming weeks.

GBG’s top 3 tips for staying “safe & seen” this winter

  1. Lights on the bike- every year bike lights get brighter and better. Get your lights charged or get new ones, and consider getting a an extra set oif back-up lights just in case. Top tip- experts recommend having bright lights on solid beam- not flashing as this could distract drivers.

  2. Wear reflectives- It’s amazing how modern reflective coatings and stickers “pop” in car headlights- Your bike should have reflectors on anyway- but more can be got from our local bike shops for your clothes or bag, for not much money.

  3. Wear bright or light colours. It doesn’t need to be “day glow yellow” white or pale colours are highly visible under car headlights or at the dangerous hours of dawn and dusk