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Hundreds see "Stay Wider" mat at Seafront Sunday

Those visiting Sea Front Sunday in St. Peter Port, Guernsey were greeted by a very visual representation of the reasons why drivers should "Stay Wider of The Rider".

The GBG committee and PC Nick Boughay of Guernsey Police used the Stay Wider mat, a bicycle and a police car to demonstrate to the Guernsey people the idea of the campaign.

Motorists and cyclists alike were very engaged any many comments were received that the recommended 5ft passing distance sounded a lot, but when seen in person, was probably only just enough for a cyclist to feel safe.

Cyclists were also interested to see the advice that cycling 3ft out form the curb would be safer of all road users, because it would mean that cars would not be tempted to squeeze past,a nd that cyclists would be out of the "gutter" where the road surface is usually poorer.

Some islanders gave feedback of the bad behaviour of some cyclists which had annoyed them- but many did not know that it is perfectly safe and legal to filter through stationary and slow moving traffic on the outside (where safe) and to ride two abreast, (where appropriate).

Those manning the stand also took the opportunity to remind some motorists that their is no current "motor tax", that goes towards road maintenance, in fact the roads are funded form general revenue- based mainly on income tax.

The committee also used the opportunity to to hand out "Stay Wider" stickers.

The Guernsey Police now have the Stay Wider mat and will use it for further education and demonstrations.

Credit and copyright- Richard Lord for the photograph.

​© 2020 by Rollo de Sausmarez for Guernsey Bicycle Group (using the power of WIX). 


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