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Dutch Cycling Embassy Event

On Wednesday 1st July, Chris Bruntlett of the Dutch Cycling Embassy will share some of the lessons that other communities have learned on their way to becoming more cycle-friendly via a live webinar.

The webinar has been organised by the Guernsey Bicycle Group. The session will explore some of the Dutch ideas which have been adopted in other towns and countries, and discuss practical solutions to some of the challenges Guernsey faces.

It is hoped that this event, sponsored by Deloitte, will inspire the community as the island looks to strengthen its cycling infrastructure as well as benefit from some of the lessons other communities have learnt over the years.

The Dutch Cycling Embassy is a public-private network for sustainable bicycle-inclusive mobility, representing the best of Dutch cycling: knowledge and experience offered by private companies, NGOs, research institutions and national and local governments. The organisation shares its expertise in all aspects of cycling so that more communities around the world can experience the advantages of cycling.

Chris Bruntlett is the Marketing and Communication Manager at the Dutch Cycling Embassy. As a long-time campaigner in Vancouver, he fell in love with Dutch bike culture in 2016, inspiring him to co-author the book Building the Cycling City: The Dutch Blueprint for Urban Vitality.

Chris uses his knowledge and passion to share practical lessons for global cities wishing to follow in their footsteps, and become better places to live, work, and cycle.

According to data released by Traffic and Highway Services, Guernsey’s lockdown led to a significant reduction in air pollution on the island during March and early April. With more people cycling and fewer cars on the road, there is an opportunity for islanders to break their reliance on cars, reduce congestion and keep pollution levels down.

The Guernsey Bicycle Group has also launched a petition calling for a dedicated, safe walking and cycling framework to form part of the Revive and Thrive recovery strategy. With over 650 signatures so far, it is clear that there is a strong interest in improving Guernsey’s cycling infrastructure.

Sam Field, Chairman of GBG, says: ‘Guernsey experienced fantastic walking and cycling conditions over the last couple of months, with more islanders than ever before taking to the roads on foot and bicycles.

‘We had our first real taste of what life could be like if we could all walk and cycle in safety with ease, and we all enjoyed it. Many people want to maintain that lifestyle, but we need to consider how to make that dream a reality.

‘Around the world, countries marvel at the Netherlands' impressive cycling culture and infrastructure and there is much to be learnt from how the Dutch overcame many of the same challenges that Guernsey faces.’

Sally Rochester, Deloitte Director, says: ‘We have an opportunity to maintain one of the positive aspects of the recent pandemic which saw local car usage drop considerably.

‘More people than ever before are cycling to school or work, and we hope that by facilitating this discussion, we can uncover ways to maintain a reduction in air pollution and carbon emissions, which benefits both our environment and our health.’

The live webinar is free to attend and will be presented on Zoom at 1 pm. You can register here: https://bit.ly/2YKsvX0.

​© 2020 by Rollo de Sausmarez for Guernsey Bicycle Group (using the power of WIX). 


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