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Make Pedestrian and Cycle Pathways Part of Revive and Thrive

It would not have been possible to engineer a better experiment than the Corona Crisis to demonstrate that if the roads are SAFER, EASIER and MORE CONVENIENT to cycle and walk on ..... people will CHOOSE to do so rather than be forced out of their vehicles.

Adults, children, and parents cite a feeling of danger and vulnerability on the roads as the main reason they will not walk or cycle as a means of transport, nor allow their children to walk or cycle to school.

Quite simply, if people and parents feel unsafe walking or cycling, they will not do it, nor allow their children to do it. Simply asking over and over will not change this.

DEDICATED, SAFE WALKING AND CYCLING INFRASTRUCTURE will give them the confidence they need to make that change from driving to walking or cycling as a means of transport.

We call on the State of Guernsey to break the current Circle of Doom and ensure plans and funding to build and develop new walking and cycling pathways and infrastructure is made available from the Revive and Thrive economic stimulus package.

Dedicated infrastructure will deliver economic, social, environment, health and community benefits to all Guern's, not just those walking and cycling.

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